The Nature Club

  1. Functionality of the Cell – The Nature Club of ASMSOC aims to make the people from our community understand and care for nature and its conservation. We also aim at experiencing the beauty and adventures that nature has to offer to us and make others realize the need of the same by conducting various events.We believe that understanding nature gives us a better view of the world and enables us to share our responsibilities in maintaining a healthy environment and to take steps to prevent environmental damage individually and collectively. We believe in the three principles: Adventure, Community, Initiatives. The club organizes various events for the same.
  1. Differentiating Factor of the Cell – Going on treks and the adventurous aspect alongside doing managerial events related to trails, CSR activities and nature.


List of Major Events:

  1. View from The Top
  2. Wildlife Fiesta- Series of Events
  3. We with The Wild
  4. The Loan Survivor
  5. Debunking covid myths
  6. Supporting sustainable businesses
  7. Project Vriksha
  8. Wildlife Unleashed
  9. Nature trivia
  10. Menstrual hygiene awareness
  11. Trinity
  12. Trek
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