Dr. Sunny Oswal

Associate Dean

Programme Chairperson – BBA

Assistant Professor

Specialization (Qualification):         

Ph.D (Symbiosis International), MMS (Mumbai), PGDFT (WTC), JRF (UGC), NET, SET.

Areas of Specialization:        

Marketing and Marketing Applications, Financial Services (BFSI).

Interest Areas:           

Marketing Applications and Consumer Research.


Dr. Sunny Oswal has a 6 years industry experience particularly in BFSI. His tenure with the corporate includes experience with HSBC as AVP, Kotak Mahindra Bank as Senior Manager and Citibank N.A. (Wealth). His experience in Academics, Research and Mentoring with Tier 1 B-Schools spans over 10 years. He also conducts MDPs and corporate trainings across different profiles. He has delivered talks at multiple forums including TEDx International.



Publications 11 (International 8, National 3)

Publications and Research papers presented:        

  • Oswal, S., & Goel, K. (2021). Cross country evaluation of equity return concept: An empirical study about the relationship between actual and expected returns. Corporate Ownership & Control, 18(4), 30-41. (ISSN: 1727-9232), doi 10.22495/cocv18i4art3. [ABDC: B]
  • Goel, K., & Oswal, S. (2020). EVA-based financial performance measurement: An evidential study of selected emerging country companies. Corporate Ownership & Control, 18(1), 179-195. (ISSN:1727-9232), doi 10.22495/cocv18i1art14. [ABDC: B]
  • Oswal, S., Goel, K (2020). The impact of merger and acquisition announcements on acquirer’s share price: An analytical study using random effects. The IUP journal of applied economics. (ISSN: 0972-6861), 19(3), 7-25. [ABDC: C]
  • Oswal, S., Goel, K (2019). Crude Oil Prices: An asset class analysis on Monetary Policy, Currency Exchange Rate and Nifty 500 with respect to the Indian Economy. Theoretical Economics Letters (ISSN: 2162-2086), 10(7), 2678-2698, 10.4236/tel.2019.97168. [ABDC: B]
  • Oswal, S. (2019). Unified Payment Interface in India: A sentiment analysis for global funds transfer using IBM Watson. Asian-African journal of economics and econometrics (ISSN: 0972-3986), 19(2), 197-208. [ABDC: C]
  • Goel, K., Oswal, S (2019). Value at Risk Models in Indian Markets: A Predictive Ability Evaluation Study. Theoretical Economics Letters (ISSN: 2162-2086), 10(8), 2824-2838, 10.4236/tel.2019.98177. [ABDC: B]
  • Goel, K., Oswal, S., & Lakhotia, A. (2019). Real options in corporate India: A usability testing for decision analysis. International journal of management, technology and engineering (ISSN: 2249-7455), 9(4), 2930 - 2939.
  • Sonwaney,V., and Oswal,S. (2016) Application of TQM in Resolving E-Commerce Challenges in Rural Markets. Indian journal of science and technology (ISSN: 0974-5645), 9 (15), 92155.
  • Sonwaney,V., and Oswal,S. (2015). Life Insurance Industry in India: A consumer value derivation study. Scholedge International Journal of Management & Development (ISSN: 2394-3378), 2 (5), 75-85.
  • Oswal S, Parshuram H. (2014). Application of TQM in resolving E-Commerce challenges. Dharana Bhavana’s International Journal of Business (ISSN: 0974-0082), 8 (1). 19-27.
  • Oswal, S. (2014). Industry Analysis of the Stationary Sector in India: A Market Acceptance Study. Business and Economics Journal (USA) (ISSN: 2151-6219), 5 (3), 103. 10.4172/2151-6219.1000103.

Conferences / Workshops / Seminars attended/ Certifications:   

  • "Consumer Value derivation in Life Insurance industry” at NASMEI International 2017 by IIM I.
  • "Application of TQM in resolving E-Commerce Challenges in Rural Markets” at ICOSCM 16 organised by SIOM, Symbiosis International University.
  • "Application of TQM in resolving E-Commerce Challenges” at SIMSARC 15 organised by Symbiosis International University.
  • "Life Insurance Industry in India” at RC 3.0 Research conference organised by Symbiosis International University and Inderscience.
  • "Life Insurance Industry in India: A customer value derivation study” at AIMS 12 international conference organised by IIM K.

Academic activities:  

  • "Managing the School level research committee and its activities
  • Managing enrollments (students & faculties) for ‘Coursera for Campus’
  • Contribution to the development of curriculum for SOBA
  • Actively involved in curriculum designing for British Going Global Partnerships for Exploratory Grant to create a joint course on a theme of mutual bilateral interest, market demand and meet global standards
  • Conducting Webinar to orient the Final year students for their respective business plans
  • Orientation and counselling webinar held for Second year students to guide with the choice of electives
  • Member of LARC at University level
  • Co-Led and won along with University of Bristol faculties, the award for British Going Global Partnerships for Exploratory Grant
  • Institutional promotion and brand building at Mastermind
  • BOS member at Mithibai College
  • Developed the curriculum of MCom programme for NM College
  • RAC member at Mithibai College
  • Member of Student’s Council at school level
  • Examination support at school level at multiple points like conducting webinar to orient students with online exams, floor supervision etc
  • Pre Admission counselling and providing information to students and parents
  • Part of the School level team for NAAC accreditation and documentation for the same
  • Alumni Connect
  • Contribution towards implementation of NEP & IDP for the same
  • Assisted in faculty recruitment interviews as domain expert


  • Awarded JRF by the UGC.
  • Best Faculty Award.
  • Received Various awards for corporate achievements that includes Bravo – Citibank.

Management Development Programs:

Newell Inc. (Owners of Reynolds and Parker)   (2015-16)    

Professional Memberships:  

Ex Member of the Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS)

Editorial Board Membership:          

Official Email Id:        


Office Phone No:       

022 - 4235-5538

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