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Impact of Changing Global and Domestic Economic Scenarios - India 2020

Guest Session On Entrepreneurship As A Career Choice

'Inquizitive' - the Annual Business Quiz

Date: 1st to 4th September
Venue: Seminar Hall

It was a 4 day event from 1st to 4th of September comprising of Snapquiz, the interclass quiz for the first 3 days wherein every class was quizzed for three days as they competed against the other classes. They questions were business and industry related. SY BBA - D won the quiz with maximum number of answers given in least amount of time.

A kiosk was set up on the 7th floor for registrations to the quiz on the final day. 45 teams of 2 members each participated for Inquizitive. The event was hosted quizmaster Mr Meghashyam Shirodkar. The first round was a written test where 39 teams were eliminated and only 6 teams qualified for the main round. The event went on for 3 hours. Ashwant Rajasekar and Aditya Chaudhri of TY BBA D won the event and were awarded a cash prize of Rs 5.000/-. The event was sponsored by Big Cola and SavePocketMoney.








With a view to promote entrepreneurship among youth, a new dimension has been added to ASMSOC – the E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell).

Bridging the gap between the real world and classrooms secured within the walls of a college, the E-Cell of ASMSOC, NMIMS, encourages students to dream beyond the imaginable.

We believe that entrepreneurship is more than just starting a venture; it’s a way of believing in your dreams, your ideas, and YOU!

The objective of the Entrepreneurship Cell is to create Entrepreneurial Leaders of tomorrow. The E-Cell plans to conduct various workshops and Entrepreneurship forums.

The E-Cell aims to host numerous speaker sessions, events and activities revolving around the theme of entrepreneurship.

The E- Cell will act as a platform between the Industry and our Students.

The yearlong activities would be challenging while adopting the Fun-n-Learn approach.

The goal is to refine our ideas and thoughts related to Entrepreneurship.

B - Plan Event

3.3.2014, Mumbai: Bridging the gap between the real world and classrooms secured within the walls of a college, the E-Cell of ASMSOC, NMIMS, encourages students to dream beyond the imaginable. With this objective, a B-PLAN competition- SAAHASIK which is aimed at encouraging students from around SVKM colleges to unleash their talent and put forward their business plans was organised.

14 teams participated, the teams submitted their executive summaries and 90 sec video for the 1st round. The initial jury then selected 5 teams as finalists for the 2nd round. The event was organised on 3rd march 2014 at Seminar hall, mithibai college. The event began at 11:00 am by a brief introduction about the esteemed panellists and details about the event by Ms. Manmeet Kaur and Mr. Divyam Shah. Full event was hosted by Mr. Nimesh Jain, each team was suppose to give a 30 minutes presentation followed by Q&A. The teams were Judged by a 4-member panel consisting of prestigious Entrepreneurs and experts

The 4 member panelists include:

  • Mr. R Ramnathan (Co-founder, RippleBrook Technologies) 
  • Ms. Savita Rajiv (Founder, Springs Innovations)
  • Ms. Manisha Date (Pratham Foundation)
  • Mr. Nitin Chikhale (Industry Consultant)

The event came to an end by a brief feedback from the panelist- Mr.R Ramanathan and further the results were declared, the Team from NMIMS –SOC & SBM were declared as the winners for SAAHASIK and were rewarded with cash prize of Rs.12,500/- per team followed by a vote of thanks by Ms. Steffanie Mathews.

Business Quiz Event

ECELL hosted a fun-filled Business Quiz event on 18th December 2013 in 705 room. The quiz was organised with an aim of fuelling the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students. 14 teams (pair of two) participated for the event. The teams were given instructions regarding the rounds for the quiz and defined all the rules and regulations which was mandatory for all the teams to follow.

The event began around 3pm. The first round had two levels hosted by Ms.Manmeet Kaur and Mr.Devansh Gandhi.

  • LOGO QUIZ: each team played two sets of logo round. 
  • GUESS THE ENTREPRENEUR: 3-4 lines description was given and the team was required to guess the entrepreneur. Each team played two sets of guess the entrepreneur.

Each team was given 10 seconds timed by Ms. Grishma Mehta. The scores of the team were calculated by Ms. Mishika Sawhney and Ms. Hiral Gada. After the results of the first round 4 teams got eliminated.

10 teams played the second round which was a TABOO round hosted by Mr. Deepak Narang and Mr. Nimesh Jain. The TABOO round was the most interactive round, here each team was given set of 4 cards with different degrees of difficulty. Each team was given a minute to guess the words and the time taken by each team was noted down which was added as an advantage in case of a tie. But, we had 5 teams for the tie-breaker round out of which two were supposed to go ahead. Hence, we had to conduct two more rounds of taboo, 1round of guess the entrepreneur and the logo each.

After which, totally 5 teams out of 10 moved ahead for the final round – CASE STUDY. In this round was given a situation and teams were required to find a strategic solution for the case. Each team was given 20 minutes to prepare a presentation and 5 minutes to present the same.

The case study round was judged by Mrs. Shreya Rawal and Mr. Akshay Damani. After every team presented they were asked questions and were given feedback.

The event came to an end by declaring the results. The runner up for the event was Mr. Nitya Shah and Mr. Shreevar Khemka from SYBBA and the WINNERS were Mr. Tushar Kanade and Mr. Kundal Agarwal from TYB.Com. Both the teams were awarded with certificates and the winners were given a prize money of Rs.2000.

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