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"The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer. He can visualize something and when he does so, he knows exactly how to make it happen.” - Robert L. Schwartz

The Corporate Interface Cell of ASMSOC kick started with its first event called ‘The Business-Plan Entrepreneur of the Year’. The event was organized with the objective of testing the participants' entrepreneurial skills and their power to imagine and innovate.

The event managed to pull 21 participants in all. In the first round, the participants were given a budget of `350, which was to be their only financial resource throughout the event. All participants were asked to bid on any one product from the list provided to them. The list included imaginary and futuristic products like a body massage t-shirt, an all-weather guard umbrella and 30 such odd items.

In the second round, the participants had to use their convincing skills in order to negotiate their way through and combine their product with that of another participant. One aspect of each product was combined to form an entirely new product. The participants were, hence, divided into teams of two and were required to prepare a 30 second long advertisement. They could make use of a number of props by buying them, using their initial budget.

Eventually, six teams were short-listed to digitally present their products, along with its SWOT analysis, funding sources and the logo among other aspects. Kashish Agarwal and Arpit Mehta bagged the first place and won a cash prize of `5000 with their ‘Saynitizer -Germ free, Speak freely’, which aimed at aiding its user to comfortably talk in any language. Nikhil and Mayank took the second place with their product ‘Meteo Belt - The next generation Belt.’

The quality of participation was appreciable with all the contestants putting their best foot forward. In future, the Corporate Interface Cell aims at organizing and bringing more such opportunities to you to try and test your entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

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