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The Corporate Interface Cell this year, kick-started with its flagship event – the Virtual Stock Market, or The Wolf of Wall Street. The entire event was based on how stock markets work in the real world with an almost exact replica of the market being shaped inside of a classroom.

The event was held on the 1st and 2nd of September, 2014. However, this year’s simulation was made different in terms of a lot of aspects, with Raghav Khemka conceptualizing the layout.

The first day was pretty much a typical market simulation wherein an open market was depicted in the classroom starting with 26 teams. It had 4 rounds with eliminations starting from the 2nd round. This first day helped in providing the teams with an idea of how the market works, with news flashes that led to the fall and rise in prices of their shares.

The 2nd day was the more interesting one of the two. The major reason for this was that the Cell was successful in recreating different eras. In other words, this day was based on trading in different times of the world. For example, the first round was set in the pre-world war era, wherein the stock prices were set according to that time. Again, as news flashes came across, we saw teams running around in utter chaos and confusion, using their intellect to buy and sell shares as per their understanding.

All in all, this 2 day event was more than a success with satisfactory participation. Each and everyone that was involved, learnt about how a stock market works and how over the changing times, different companies fell and rose.





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