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The Road to your Dream Job

The Corporate Interface Cell of NMIMS’ School of Commerce sprung back to action at the start of the new academic year 2014-2015 by holding an interactive session with an employee of the world’s friendliest company – Google.

Tanmay Arora – a Googler and an alumnus of our college, was invited by CIC to come in and have an interactive session with students, mostly the new entrant first years. This being the first event for the academic year, the Cell had a lot of pressure to make this event a memorable and a remarkable experience for the new entrants. What was different in this event was the fact that literally every single individual present, could in one way or another relate to what Mr. Arora shared.

He started off by sharing with the students, about his college years. He was, like most of us students, a lost soul with no direction in life. He had no clue what his passion was, what he wanted to do and where he was headed. Moreover, being quite an average student ever since his school days did not make things seem rosy. 

However, one advantage he talked of, was having known of the things he did not want to pursue or become. Like every other Indian parent, his father wanted Tanmay to become a medical/architecture student. Thankfully, he had enough clarity in his mind to realise that these weren’t things he wanted to study. He had decided that like every modern day student, he wanted to "party” and enjoy his life for the next 3 years – away from Mumbai, away from parental control. And this is precisely why he chose to study business at Symbiosis, Pune. On the date for the payment of the tuition fees, however, while at the counter just as his mother was about to hand in the cheque, something made him pull back her hand. Soon enough, thanks to some kind of an arcane force, he decided to pursue his business ambitions in Mumbai itself, at NMIMS – ASMSOC.

After discussing much about his very chaotic, hazy and obscure youth days, Mr. Arora went on to talk about "the road to your dream job”. This is what made this event different. This was the essence of his presence. He went on to explain the Do’s and Don’ts that one should keep in mind while trying to discover his/her passion. How to format your Curriculum Vitae (which is of more than utmost importance for a college student), branching out and experiencing new things, getting out of your comfort zone, etc. were amongst the cardinal leitmotifs he discussed. He also spoke about his job at Google, the hot potato that Google’s work environment is, the Digital Marketing Industry and its significance in today’s world and more.

Most of the students were quite enthusiastic with their questions and even after the session was over, there was a long line of students, waiting for their turn for a one-on-one with Mr. Arora. Needless to say, this event turned out to be quite a coup.

This event was, in a way, a small insight into what the Corporate Interface Cell is going to be all about. We aim to add an industry perspective of sorts to our given academic curriculum. We strive to bridge the gap between our students and the corporate world, we embrace and promote the pursuit of knowledge and most of all we want to change the notion of "smart phones, dumb students”. This is why this Cell exists, to prove that we’re more than just students or postulant entrepreneurs, that we’re innovators, idealists and castle-builders. 




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