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CIC Events in 2017 - Click Here

CIC Event 2016

Event – ICICI Bank’s ‘Stock mind’

Alumni talk with Sahil Vora and Ayushmaan Sinha

The Business-Plan Entrepreneur of the Year

Guest lecture on Technical Analysis

CIC Event October 2014 - Seminar By ‘The Times Group’

CIC Event September 2014 - Visit to the Bombay Stock Exchange

CIC Event September 2014 - Virtual Stock Market

CIC Event August 2014 - Guest Lecture on Sales and Distribution Management

CIC Event July 2014 - Google Talk



Event in the month of March 2014

Panel Discussion

Topic: The Role of Credit Bureau and Credit Rating companies in the process of Credit appraisal.

Date: Saturday 8th March 2014.

Time: 1pm to 2.30pm

CIC had arranged for a panel discussion event on the topic of credit rating organizations for the benefit of the undergraduate students of ASMSOC. The main focus was to find out how financial sector has several avenues for job opportunities and also to find out the various skill sets needed for applying to such organizations.

The following panelists present were:

1. Prof. C. D. Shreedharan. (Currently Adjunct Faculty at NMIMS – SBM) C.D. Sreedharan is a post-graduate in Economics from the University of Madras (Chennai). He has wide teaching experience in the areas of International Finance Foreign Exchange Markets, Risk Management in banks ,Trade Finance etc at various Training colleges/Institutes. He is a visiting faculty in some of the management Institutes in the Mumbai city. He has been associated with NMIMS in their Full-Time/Part-Time and Management Development Programmes.

2. Mr. Sachin Kulkarni – Assistant Vice President – Product Management at Equifax Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sachin has 12 years of experience spanning in sales and product management functions. He had earlier worked with Polaris financial Technology as domain expert and was instrumental in offering unique software solutions to various banks in India. He has also worked as Regional Sales manager with ICICI bank. His expertise are Sales, pre sales, Product management and solutioning. Mr. Sachin is a mechanical engineer and has done his MBA in Marketing specialization.

3. Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Assistant Vice President – Business Development – Equifax Credit Information Services Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Abhishek is an MBA with more than 10 years of experience in Banking and more specifically Retail Lending. He has worked with HDFC Bank, Barclays Bank PLC & Reliance Capital prior to Equifax.

4. Umesh Nihalani – SMERA Ratings Ltd.

Mr. Umesh is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has worked with CRISIL prior to working with SMERA.

Event/Guest Lecture Organized in the month of September 2013

  1. MoneyBalls – A stock market and Forex business game on 13th and 14th Sept 2013. There were over 15 groups of 2 students each.
  2. A presentation competition was organized on 17th Sept’ 2013 on the topic of "Financial Markets” for the students of TYBBA – Finance Specialization which was judged by Mr. Kinner Mehta – AVP – Franklin Templeton Investments along with Mr. Ritesh Mehta – Analyst at CRISIL. This was followed by a talk on "Asset Allocation” by Mr. Kinner Mehta.

Event/Guest Lecture Organized in the month of August 2013

  1. A guest lecture by Mr. Manoj Agarwal – AVP – Inorbit Malls (India) on "Retail Sector : Mall Management” for the students of TYBBA (Marketing Specialization ) during their lecture of Retail Management on Saturday 31st August 2013.
  2. CIC had a interactive session with Mr. Gajendra Kothari who is a CFA and also the MD and CEO of Etica Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. He has also been closely associated with BSE. This event was conducted in collaboration between Corporate interface cell and Debsoc. Debsoc had a debate competition before the guest lecture which was judged by Mr. Gajendra. This event was organized on Friday 30th August 2013 at our Juhu Jagruti Hall.

CIC Event The Ultimate Contingency

The Ultimate Contingency was the first major event held by the Corporate Interface Cell (CIC). It was an event that aimed at facilitating ideation and understanding of the current business scenario. It tested the student’s ability to make business related decisions and also adapt to the changing business environment.

The event was held on the 3rd and 4th of April 2012.

The final round of the event took place on the 4th of April 2012 at the Mithibai Seminar Hall. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Kavee Kumar founder director India bulls.

Mr. Kavee Kumar gave a scintillating speech, which wandered on topics relating to establishment of India bulls, ventures startups and various modes of funding.

The top four teams that were shortlisted in the first round presented their business strategies. After scrutinizing the teams our guest judge Mr. Kavee Kumar declared the winners.

The winners were awarded with cash prizes.

This event was special in many ways. The grasp of the CIC was limited to arranging lectures and discussions but this event was a path breaker.

In this way the event was a big hit and the CIC promises to bring even bigger and better events next year.

CIC Event on CSR

As students, it is our responsibility to acquaint ourselves with what lies beyond the books. It is this knowledge, added to what we learn through academics, that makes us better equipped to handle situations, in this dynamic professional world. Also, it our responsibility to learn about avenues that are new in concept and need time to get themselves integrated with the core system. Through, the interactive session on Corporate Social Responsibility, The Corporate Interface Cell, endeavored to do the same.

We had the distinguished honor to have in our presence Ms. Emily Harrison, Founder and Executive Director of Innovaid, to share her insights on this subject. The objective of this session was to introduce students to the concept of CSR, while making us aware of its growing need. In her address, she also delved on the emergence of CSR as a dominating factor in determining the customer loyalty and goodwill that an organization could garner.


The Corporate Interface Cell hosted an extremely successful event "Biz Tycoon” on 22nd December, 2012. The Purpose of this event was to use a game to develop holistic business acumen and skill which it did go on to completely fulfill.

The Event Flow of the game was conducted as follows:-

1st Round

The Negotiator 10 teams (Each team consisting of two students)

Each team was given a set of resources along with some cash. They had to use these existent resources to negotiate with other teams in order to get the optimum amount of resources to manufacture various products and make profit out of them. At the end of the round 3 teams with the least amount of net worth in their trade sheet were eliminated.

This round not only enhanced negotiation skills amongst students but also enhanced their skills pertaining to Resource Allocation, Budgeting, Profitability Analysis and Business Strategy

2nd Round

The left over resources of the outgoing teams were put to auction through a proper bidding process. Buying resources through the auction involved doing a lot of cost benefit analysis and budgeting for the teams.

After the bidding process new resources and a new product list was allocated to the teams. They had to conduct negotiations similar to the first round, in order to maintain an adequate cash balance which would be carried forward in Round 3

3rd Round

World Capital Market Game

The Third round game was completely different. Using the cash made from the previous rounds the teams had to buy Indian and Foreign Currency which they would use to invest in 8 companies in two international stock exchanges, namely The NSE (Indian) and The NYSE (U.S.A.) .They were also given a provision to take a loan of 2000 CIC currency @ 8% for the same purpose. This Round had 6 sub rounds in each of which there was news announced that caused a fluctuation in prices of shares and currency. This round acquainted the students with the concept of Managing Financial Risks, investing in Foreign Capital Markets and managing currency risks while doing so

At the end the team that had the maximum net worth and won the entire event was the team of Mr. Shubham Agarwal (TYBBA-D) and Mr. Ankur Sagar (TYBBA-D) – Rs. 2000 as cash prize Overall the students who participated in the event not only enjoyed but also learned a lot about various disciplines and domains pertaining to business, the knowledge of which would be highly beneficial in the Corporate World

CIC Event on the Indian Capital Market

The Corporate Interface Cell hosted an insightful session on 18th February,2013 that gave an overview of the Indian Capital Market, it was conducted by Ms. Devangi Bhuta the COO of Lotus Knowlwealth in association with BSE. The topics covered under this session were

  • Investing in Capital Markets
  • Current Market Scenario
  • Government Initiatives
  • Careers in Finance Markets

It was a privilege and honor for us to have Ms. Bhuta enlighten our students with the knowledge she had on each of these topics that are so vital for us to know about in order to help us work in the corporate world in the near future


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