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MONTAGE – the cultural club of ASM-SOC strives to bring out the hidden talent of the students of the college. Montage is the place to be, when you want to showcase what you have got. It helps you to discover your own talent and work on it to bring out a better 'you'. The year 2014-2015 has been an active one for us with participation in various events & activities. Here is a snapshot of the year that went by –

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations:
We started off by celebrating Gandhi Jayanti over two days, 1st and 3rd October.
On 1st October, we put a standee in college on which we asked people to write on the theme, "What Non Violence Means To You" and got a lot of wonderful responses about the importance that nonviolence holds in people's lives. In the evening, we visited some police stations in the city and spoke to the officers about this topic and thanked them for their effort to curb violence, wherever it may be. On 3rd October, we had a small music performance in college itself, with our team performing songs that relate to the above mentioned theme. And to end our celebration of Gandhi Jayanti, we interviewed people in college under the topic, "One Random Act Of Kindness" where we asked them about one thing they did to curb violence, to help someone, or simply be kind to people. We came across a lot of hard hitting, passionate incidents, and we hope sharing these ideas would instil a little more faith in people's minds about nonviolence and influence them positively. Dance Workshop with Mr Anshuman Pandey
Dance Workshop with Mr Anshuman Pandey
Montage Club also organized a Dance Workshop, conducted by a highly experienced dancer Mr Anshuman Pandey in October 2015. It was an intra-committee workshop, attended by 15 people, as our main aim was to strengthen our team's practices for the next college festival Montage goes to. The students were very happy with the workshop and we're hopeful it will help us immensely. Funtakshari 2015 Diwali/ Traditional day - 28th of October, 15 Celebrated as an early Diwali/ Traditional day, students arriving in college witnessed flower rangoli and decorations done by Montage members on the 7th floor outside every classroom. Held on 28th of October were the elimination rounds of Funtakshari, played by 35 teams. Spanning two days, the event was everything it had promised to be and more! The room was abuzz with chatter as excited participants arrived, clad in vibrant traditional wear. The first round was just plain antakshari as we know it, fresh from memories of bus rides spent playing the game with friends. The second round was where the twists started to come in. A song would be played and stopped at a random point. The word the song stopped at would have to be either the beginning or part of the song that the team had to sing. Round three consisted of considering the facts presented, and making a guess as to the personality from Bollywood that was being referred to. These personalities can range from actors, directors to music directors and singers. The clues were well known as well as lesser known facts about the personalities and the answers ranged from Dia Mirza to Alia Bhatt, and Yash Chopra to Gulzar Sahab. As can be surmised, this round was quite the brainchild on the part of Montage, and was received well by the participants who could be seen wearing quizzical expressions as they attempted to crack the answers.
Funtakshari Winners
The final round was held on 30th October being a rapid fire round conducted by Tanmay Kedia, the Student Co-ordinator of Montage who asked each of the two teams 8 questions relating to Bollywood. The rivalry was intense but as in every competition, there can be but one winner. The winning team comprising of Ravideep, Mayank, Priyajit and Shreyans walked away with a cash prize of Rs.1500 while the runner up team received a gift hamper. All in all, the event proved to be a stupendous success, leaving all participants with memories of a time well spent. Kudos to Montage for their ideas, and their hard work in converting ideas into reality. Another feather in their cap! Drama Workshop with Mr. Firdaus Mewavalla Montage club also organized an intra-committee drama workshop with renowned actor Mr. Firdaus Mewavalla in college on 30th October, where a total of 15 people attended the workshop. Mr Mewavalla spoke about the basics of stage acting and suggested some script writing techniques for our committee members. This experience will provide a broader perspective to our team for the competitions to come. True School of Music – Music Workshop Date of the Workshop: 17th December 2015
True School of Music - Music Workshop
Topics covered in the workshop:
  • The workshop focused mainly on the theoretical aspect of music as an industry.
  • It was more of a discussion as in how music professionals can succeed by way of generating money
  • It started with a question what makes a not so good band earn more and good bands not earn anything at all?
  • What makes each of the bands different in their approach in earning money from their talent?
  • Majorly the reason behind the popularity of the bands, musicians and singers is the use of social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
  • It was surprising to know the fact that despite of Facebook having a penetration of 11% in Indian market and twitter with only 4%, twitter is a strong source for publicizing your music.
  • The next question raised was why some songs become so popular and why some just don’t work?
  • The reason being the psychological processes that are taking place in our body and mind when we hear some music.
  • Another aspect that was covered was why do certain bands get separated?
It is our biggest enemy ‘The Ego’ which makes this happens. Creative people have big fat egos which gets hurt when someone oppose their ideas. -Conclusion
The workshop made us realize the professionalism that is associated with music and also ways and means to make it a successful career option to earn money at a later stage. It helped us to build our path for future as music professionals.
Drama Workshop with Mr. Imtiaz Ali
In December 2015 a drama workshop was also organized with the very noted Mr. Imtiaz Ali, whose films are an inspiration to all of us. The workshop focused on basics like stage dynamics, preparation, etc.
Drama Workshop with Imtiaz Ali
Umang (2015 – 16)
Recently our college participated in “Umang” the annual intercollegiate festival of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics which was held from 14th to 17th august. From amazing events to mindboggling quizzes, from workshops to starry nights, this festival gave a platform to all kinds of students to showcase their talents. Montage, our college cultural club also participated in various events, dance forms, music, photography and drama with great enthusiasm and zeal. Students performed various scintillating dance forms ranging from folk, contemporary and street dance. They also engaged themselves in showcasing powerful plays and street acts depicting various social issues prevalent in our society.
Anirudh Iyer, Ujala Jham, Ayush Dhingra, Atteev Bhansali, Ritendra Dirghangi, Sachit Nagpal, Ankita Singh, Medha Agarwal, Bansari Kothari, Soumya Kumar- members of montage music, bagged the first place in the “Acapella” competition at Umang. “We remained true to the real essence of Acapella music and tried our best to put up our own bits of creativity in the songs we had chosen to sing.” says one of the members of the winner team. Being our First ever victory at Umang, this was even more special. Among the other star performers in the fest was Ritendra Dhirghangi, who bagged the second place in Bollywood unplugged and Shikhar Katyal who stood second in the Guitar Wars competition. Overall Umang 2015 was a good experience for us, wining our first events and participating in many more, and we hope the next year brings even more trophies to the college. Talent Hunt (2015 – 16)

montage talent hunt 2015 NMIMS
As a wise man once said, "The world is but a canvas to our imagination."
In this belief, Montage set out to scourge the classes of the ASMSOC in order to hunt for the most talented in the fields of fine arts, music, fashion, dance and drama in a saga that lasted two days and caused an uproar of excitement among the masses of students. Kicking off the first day with a bang was the Fine Arts, judged by Sunil Gogia who is India's first and perhaps only spray paint artist as well the fashion events. Fine Arts, tested the contestants on their excellence with the pen, the camera or the paintbrush and was won by Shikhar Gupta for his outstanding expertise in photography. The Fashion event which was primarily for the budding fashion designers and which, if nothing else, successfully managed to add to the bonhomie among friends, was judged by Kanishka Sharma. After much speculation, Shreya Shanker took home the 1st prize, with Jhanvi coming in at a close second place. Despite not having an audience, both the events were well received. With the morning of 1st July came the next set of events held in Juhu Jagruti Hall, spanning the art forms of Music, Drama and Dance where students exhibited their exquisite skills in a battle of the arts which was thoroughly pleasing to watch. The events for music was categorized into instrumentals, Solo western/hindi singing and duet singing. Judging the events, was versatile melody queen Vijayaa Shankar, who is making her debut as a music composer in the Bollywood movie "Baankey ki Crazy Baraat", as well as Nakash Aziz, popularly known for playback of songs like "Sari Ke Fall Sa", "Gandi Baat" and "Dhating Nach". After an intense competition among soulful voices, Aboli Dhawankar stole our hearts with her performance in the Hindi Solo category, closely followed by Medha Agarwal and Apoorva Yadav who won second and third place respectively. Atteev Bhansali won first place leaving others behind, crooning for the Western Solo category, followed by Aronjoy Das who came in at second place. The rich notes of two voices blended in harmony were tested next in the Duet event, won unanimously by Sachit Nagpal and Kinjal Vyas for their eloquent performance. Testing participant's prowess with musical instruments, the next event was won by Varun Jain from SY Bcom, who stole the first place from Hitanshu Agarwal, who came second. In a tongue twisting battle of rap, Anshay Agarwal emerged the victor. The succeeding events were related to Drama, judged by Shaun Williams who was the mastermind behind the stellar acting of the kids in Flipkart TV ads and has movies like Drona and Guzaarish to his name. Participants were expected to show their talent at acting out pieces of their choice to wow the audience and the judge. Jevian Fernandes, with his standup comedy act had the viewers in tears of laughter and won first place while Rucha Deshmukh and Nikhil Kadam secured second place. This wasn't the end of the revelry, with the enthusiastic audience hooting and cheering for the dancers who lit up the stage with their dazzling performances. Judged by SOC's very own Kunal Jessani, a choreographer since more than 7 years, the event was a smashing hit. Aditya Swami bagged first prize with Sanket Shah and Niranjan Venkataram securing second and third place for their efforts. The jolly mood lasted throughout, with the crowd giving each contestant a big hand and completely enjoying the show. The efforts of Montage in putting together this medley of events need to be congratulated, as was clearly evident in the great success that this day entailed. Umang (2014 – 15)
Umang, the college festival of our sister concern, Narsee Monjee, was held from 14th August, 2014 to 16th August, 2014. NMIMS SOC was represented at NM's college festival - Umang'14. We participated in events like :- Fusion Band Event, Junk instrument, Accapella, Bollwywood Dance, Folk Dance, WWE, Fifa, Box Cricket, Brain Box Challenge, Perspective Drawing & LA-MF Crossover. Our participants got podium finishes in WWE, BrainBox Challenge (Akriti Shah), LA-MF (Raghav Khemka).
Adorea (2014 – 15)
Adorea, the college festival of Wilson College, was held between 20th August, 2014 to 25th August, 2014. The students had a lot of fun participating in the following events:- Rink Football, Tattoos & Tiaras, Treasure Hunt, Face of the Year & Duet Singing. Students of NMIMS ASMSOC gave in their 100% participation and were very enthusiastic during all the events of Adorea. Our students secured positions in the Creative Writing and events related to Fine Arts like photography etc.
Colosseum (2014 - 15)
Colosseum, the college festival of Mithibai, one of our sister concerns, was held between. The students of NMIMS were actively involved in the events of Colosseum and participated with great enthusiasm. The events that we took part in were as follows:- Console Gaming - COD, FIFA, WWE, Solo Singing, Box of Bonkers, Hopscrable, Rajneeti, JAM, Quiz up Literanians, Bid your Team, Cut it, Fold it, Paint it, Bid your Team, Quirky Tales, Spectrostatic (Fashion Event). Our students secured 1st position in The Fashion Event, SPECTROSTATIC, followed by 2nd Position in Rajneeti and Quiz up Literarians and 3rd position in Console Gaming – FIFA
Drama Workshop
30th October- Namit Das, who is a known theater personality and has acted in films like Wake Up Sid, Lafangey Parindey and Ghancakkar, etc. conducted an acting workshop , which was attended by around 50 participants. It primarily dealt with stage fear, confidence and basics of acting, for which he staged various activities, which forced them to overcome their fears and act out their emotions. He absolutely floored everyone with his experiences and confidence and by the end of the session, he inspired each and everyone to find their “Zero” and bring it out on stage.
Dance Workshop
30th September- Dance like nobody is watching you. Dance is an expression. Dance because it makes you feel happy, dance to express. Team montage organised a dance workshop for the students of management school of NMIMS. The workshop was conducted by the third year student of the college, Kunal Jessani. Seeing the enthusiasm among the students, the workshop was conducted in two batches of two hours each. Kunal was the perfect person for the workshop. The track which he chose was of ‘The fault in our stars’. Students enjoyed every minute being in the workshop and it has created a high demand among students for such workshops as it helped them release the stress they had due to studies.
'Rashtriya Ekta Divas'
31st October-This year, our country observed 'Rashtriya Ekta Divas' on 31st October, the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a strong promoter of unity, safety and security. Montage inculcated the feeling at SOC by putting up a poster, hoping to keep the tradition on year on year.
University Day
The Universty Day was held on the 13th January, 2015 at the Bhaidas Hall. The students of NMIMS displayed their talent in the field of dance and music. The dance team performed in a Jugalbandi of Bharat Nattyam and Kathak. Accappella was performed by the Music Team in which they performed a soulful medley of both Western and Indian music.
Montage Days
For the month of February, Montage had organized our very own "Montage Days" which is a first of its kind in the School Of Commerce. It was essentially a 4 day event held between the 24th and the 27th of February with a primary vision to see the college students dress up whilst adhering to the varied themes.
24th February: Summer - Labeled as 'Sunny Side Up', this theme explored the opportunity to don apparel such as floral prints, glares, shorts, scarves etc which might aid in keeping the sun away.25th February: Twin Day- On this day, we witnessed pairs and even groups of people who had, quite literally, matched each other's clothes from head to toe. So much for a preference, isn't it?26th February: Bleed Blue and Shirt Signing - Keeping up with the World Cup fever, all we asked from the students was to show some fervour towards cheering for Team India by wearing the Blue Team India jersey or any blue equivalent. To cherish some of the most pleasant memories, students also brought spare clothes which were signed by friends and teachers alike.27th February: Monochrome and Rose Dedication - Easily the most anticipated day of them all, students were apprised to wear either black or white to adhere with the monochromatic theme. The rose dedications were a massive blockbuster as it managed to bring out extremities of emotions of happiness as well as curiosity when a person received an anonymous dedication! In totality, the Montage days were a super success as it managed to spread, if nothing else, a certain degree of camaraderie and merriment.Sympulse'15
The MONTAGE Team went for the most awaited fest, SYMPULSE'15, the fest of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune from the 28th January, 2015 to 1st Februray, 2015.

The students took part in the following events:

  • Stage drama- participated and won
  • Hindi duet- participated and won
  • Solo dance- participated and qualified to finals
  • Fashion show- participated and qualified to finals
  • Group dance- participated
  • International dance- participated and won
  • Street dance- participated and won
  • Sufi singing- participated and qualified to finals
  • Symphony tales- participated and won
  • Western solo singing- participated and won
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