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MONTAGE – the cultural club of ASM-SOC strives to bring out the hidden talent of the students of the college. Montage is the place to be, when you want to showcase what you have got. It helps you to discover your own talent and work on it to bring out a better 'you'. The year 2017-2018 has been an active one for us with participation in various events & activities. Here is a snapshot of the year that went by –

Kaleidoscope Festival:

This September we participated in Sophia College's annual festival, Kaleidoscope! Montage put up a great show with outstanding performances and great participation. We are proud to say that we went with a full contingent and we participated in every single event. Kaleidoscope was a great learning experience for everyone involved.

We emerged as winners in the following events:

  • Mario Go - 1st Position
  • Open Mic Night - 1st Position
  • No Strings Attached - 1st Position
  • Cinematic Orchestra - 1st Position
  • Cinematic Orchestra - 2nd Position
  • Equipped To Quip - 2nd Position
  • Project K - 2nd Position
  • Dramebaaz - 2nd Position
  • What's The Scene - 2nd Position


We won the 1st and 2nd both in one of the events – cinematic orchestra, which was amazing!

Overall we stood in the 4th position in the festival!

Our run this year has been amazing and we are sure this will continue!



NAAC visit 2017:

Montage, the Cultural Club of NMIMS presented 3 performances for the NAAC visiting team this July.

The first performance was an opening Classical Dance act performed by Vineeta Chaudhary to welcome the lord and grace the event with his blessings.

The second performance was an Acapella performance by our music committee. The performance was a medley of blockbuster songs from the past with pure live music.

The last performance was an electrifying power packed Lavni and Bhangra performance. Members of the dance committee and volunteers came together to dance to the tunes of two big Indian cultures and really set the mood right!

Talent Hunt 2017:

Talent Hunt is an amalgamation of entertainment, talent and culture. It is an annual competition presented by Montage that gives students from ASMSOC a platform to present their talents and be judged by some great personalities.

This year the Talent hunt had 7 sections, namely Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, Music, Photography, Writing and Mr. and Ms. Fresher's. The Talent Hunt took place in 2 parts, on the 29th and 31st of July, 2017.

On the 29th of July we had the first part of Talent Hunt, the Fine Arts, Writing and Photography competitions. Fine Arts had a Monochromatic Art event with the theme of "Escape Reality". The event started at 5.30pm and participants had 2 hours to create any artwork with their interpretation of escaping reality using any one color and its various shades. Participants put forth some wonderful work and told stories that required no words.

Capture Moments, the Photography event was an online event where participants sent in various entries on the given topic and proved how brilliantly a single capture of a second could mesmerize anyone. The Judge for both these events was Mr. Ranjit Dahiya. The competitions were judged by Mr. Dahiya on the 31st of July and for Fine Arts the 1st place went to Unnati Dholakia and 2nd place to Ashita Karn whereas for Capture moments Nikhil Chug took the 1st place and Anjali Mittal took the 2nd place.

On the 29th there was also the writing segment of the Talent Hunt called Eclipse. Eclipse was a creative writing event wherein the participants were given three decks of cards, one having genre, the next having a character and the last having a quote. Participants had to incorporate all three of these to create a written piece of work in 1.5 hours. The event made for some humorous combinations, some epic stories and an outpour of creativity.

Eclipse was judged by Mr. Kapil Diwaker, founder of The Amateur Writer. The winner of the contest was Shikhar Suresh and runner up, Shivani Gagrani. The first leg of the talent hunt went amazingly well, with great response from participants and some great pieces of work being created! 31st July saw the second part of Talent Hunt 2017. We were honored to have our resected Dean Ma'am grace us at this occasion and even light the lamp to start off the event on a positive note. Divij Gala and Nishita Chavan were the hosts for the afternoon and they absolutely kept the crowd on their feet the whole time. This second part took place in Juhu Jagruti Hall from 1 pm to 5 pm and we saw a full house with every chair in the auditorium occupied.

Our first segment for the afternoon was Music. We heard some breathtaking performances from those who have seen the light of a stage before and from those who haven't alike. Participants sang solo, or duets, some just with their voice, others with a guitar, but all amazing on their own. The judge for the event was Mr. Naubert Nash, accompanied with his life partner. Surprisingly, the music segment saw a tie in both the first position and the second position! Tied in first place were Madalsa Dixit and Saachi Rajadhyaksha and in second place, Apoorva Yadav and Madhav Khanna!

Our second segment was Drama. Participants had to enact a monologue that bought out the true spirit of the act. From tear jerkers to nail biters, participants performed some enthralling pieces of work in the first round. The top three performers of the first monologue round were then moved onto the second and final round which was an improv round. Participants were given a topic on the spot and had 5 minutes to come up with an act!

Whilst the actors were working their brains, we had a short performance by our drama committee depicting the story of a drama teacher and his quite unusual students that left the crowd rolling in their seats with laughter. The second round commenced post the performance and it turned out to be quite something in itself. The judge for the event was Mr. Vikram Singh. Mr. Singh had a clear winner in his mind, Devansh Garodia and right behind him in second place we had Anisha Rawat.

Our third segment was Mr. and Ms. Fresher's. Mr. and Ms. Fresher's is an exclusive event just for the first years as a platform for them to make a name for themselves in college. It is a personality contest that judges one on their mannerism, sharpness, confidence and attitude. It's one of Talent hunt's highlights! The first round was a judgement of all contestants on the basis of their introductions, the next round was a question answer round with the judge which narrowed it down to our top 4, 2 girls and 2 boys! In the final round our judge asked various questions to the contestant and checked their ability to think on the spot!

The judge for the event was Ms. Paniza Rahanama. After a grueling three rounds, Beverly Menezes came out to be Ms. Fresher 2017 and Krishna Chablani came to be Mr. Fresher 2017! Our Last segment (and definitely not the least), was Dance. What an incredible way to close an incredible event. Performances that made us want to leap from our seats and start dancing, crazy moves that left us wondering, "how did they even do that?" and so much more. Participants danced solo or as duets on songs from both Hollywood and Bollywood, bringing a crazy amount of energy into each person sitting in the auditorium! The judge for the event was Ms. Sahiba Sawhney and coming in first place were Jay and Kartik and in second place Akhilesh Pandey.

To say that Talent Hunt 2017 was a hit would be an understatement. Everyone from our Dean, faculty, support staff, organizers, participants, and audience had a huge role to play and all credits go to them for making the event so successful. It was one of the best responses Talent Hunt has seen in the last 4 years and we're sure it's only going to go up from here.



Umang Festival:

The year has just started and Montage's talented individuals have started showing off their talent in the best possible way! We participated as a contingent in NM College's annual festival, Umang and it was a memorable experience. To start off, our contingent had full participations in all of their events and it was one of the toughest colleges to beat in most events!

We emerged as winners in the following events:

  • Travel Fashion - 1st Position
  • Progress to Perfection - 1st Position
  • Folk Magic - 1st Position
  • Acapella Singing - 1st Position
  • Impressions - 2nd Position
  • Generation X - 2nd Position
  • Stepping In The Shoes Of - 2nd Position
  • The Holy Trinity - 3rd Position

We are also extremely proud to reveal that we won the overall trophy for the Music & Contemporary arts department and stood attained the 4th position in the overall festival!

We hope to keep this winning streak continue in our future festivals as well!



Montage Days

To celebrate Diwali, we had our Montage Days, from the 11th to the 13th of October. 3 days full of fun, frolic, and togetherness really bought out a wonderful spirit amongst the students. We had dress up themes for each of the days and we also had 2 events during the Montage days.

Our dress up themes were:

Wednesday, 11th October – Twin Day. Wear clothes identical to any friend of yours or a group of friends. The pair/group who coordinated best would get a prize. FY's Nakul Boora and Dhruva Vohra came out on top of this activity.

Thursday, 12th October – Stop Light Day. You had to wear either green, red, or yellow, any color of your liking.

Friday, 13th October – Traditional Day. A day to celebrate Diwali in college. We decorated the entire hallway with flowers and ethnic decorations and asked students and the faculty to wear Indian Traditional clothes to commemorate the festival of lights. The college truly lit up with the vibrant colors and everyone looked wonderful.

Coming to the events, the first event was on 11th October. The event was an Open Mic. Students had the floor open to them and they could perform their written works for the crowd. We had instrumentalists play music, singers singing, writers reading out their poems and shayari's and much more. For a fairly new event, the response was overwhelming.

The second event was Funtakshari. It's one of the highlight events of the year where groups of 3 battle out with their knowledge of Bollywood, music and more. The event spanned over two days, the first day being eliminations and the second day being finals. The organization and presentation of the event was lauded by all and the event was a huge success.

The winners of Funtakshri were:

  • Rajvi Malbari
  • Muskan Satwah
  • Digant Vaish


And putting up a tough fight and coming in as runners up were:

  • Yashika Seth
  • Jahanvee Pahuja
  • Rucha Deshmukh


Montage days were made a success due to the support of our teachers, and the immense work put in by our committees. We hope to see such overwhelming responses for our future events as well.




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